I have been thinking more and more about the "theme" or "one little word" of the year it's number 50 on my 2016 list.  And I decided a while back after reading the "Year of Yes" that I liked that idea however theme wasn't going to be Yes.  I ended up deciding on "Here & Now".  Basically I want to be more present, live more in the moment and just be content to be right "here" in this space right "now".  
Be here in our tiny bungalow right now.
Be here with my toddler playing right now. 
Be here with my infant nursing right now. 
Be here fixing a less than gourmet lunch of spinach and pasta with my husband right now.
Be here in the mess of giant piles of laundry and toys strung out everywhere now.
Be here out in the yard now not annoyed or Bothered that my grass is unevenly cut or that I missed a whole big section. 
Just Here & Now.  
Part of this sponed my #100yeses project which started on 4/19.  For the next 100 days I am planning to say yes at least 100 times, even if I want to say no.  I especially want to do this with Jones I find myself saying "no don't step in that puddle", "no don't get in that drawer", "no don't open that". Lots of no's so I started saying "Yes".
so far I said...
1.Yes let's pretend cook in the kitchen and yes food coloring is essential.
2. Yes to painting and even mixing colors on the paints. 
3. Yes let's eat ice cream and watch horses.
4. Yes stare at the fish tank as long as you want.
5. Yes to being a ridiculous unicorn at a party. 
It's actually been fun.
Oh and on a side note my blog this space is now 10 years old.  Never saw that one coming.  

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