loves to party

This boy loves to party!  Ever since he attended Kathleen's birthday in April he's been very excited for parties.  Since his actual birthday was on Father's Day we scheduled the party for the following week.  But on his birthday we did make sure and complete his birthday list which included - pizza, cupcake, pool, and balloons.  Easy enough right.   
We took him to Garfield Park for pool.  It has a nice splash park and kids area and he even went down the little slide several times he loved it.  When he got sooo tired he could barely walk we headed out for napping.  
We got him balloons and cupcakes and ordered pizza.  He was so excited for all these things and with his cake he attempted to eat all the sprinkles off and then was cradling his cake before he actually ate it.  So funny to watch.  
He had such a good time he asked to do it again the next day.  And then the following week we had his real party.  We invited friends and family and just had it at the house.  Naturally it was the hottest day so far this summer.  But we made things work.  I originally was doing a camping theme but abandoned that when I couldn't find any camping things and we just had a colorful summer theme.  Jones had trouble wanting to nap before the party so he was asleep when guests arrived.  I woke him up though.  We had a pizza photo booth, a clown game, toys, and food and funfetti cake.  
He loved having his friends over.  He was thrilled for balloons and pizza.  He loved playing both inside and outside.  He was so excited about cake.  He wanted to play with all his presents.  He especially loved going for a dip in his new pool after the party.  He was a party animal.  
I asked that everyone so outdoor toys since the house is becoming cluttered.  That's pretty much what he got including pool, mower, soccer set, baseball etc. We got him a scooter, helmet, pajamas, and a outside basketball hoop.  He loves every bit of it. 

It was a good birthday and when everyone left he started to cry he wanted "more party".  My little Jonesy every day can be a party if you make it so.  Every day.

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