California - To the Coast Part 2

So after a breakfast at our hotel and a morning of chilling.  We packed up our gear and drove up the coast to Santa Cruz and half moon bay.  The kids were asleep when we arrived at the boardwalk in Santa Cruz and it was a bit chilly and foggy so we went on to half moon bay.  We stopped at a few spots along the drive to see the view while the kids slept. We ate lunch first at some ridiculous fancy restaurant with a name that made you think it was kid friendly.  Jones naked kid spaghetti was $17 and he ate like 4 noodles.  Regardless to say we regretted that stop.  After that we went to the beach.  Jones was still not into walking on the sand or wear his water shoes.  But he did enjoy sitting in the sand and playing with it.
We put Theas feet in the sand and let the waves run up and she enjoyed it until a big wave came.  We even fed her on the beach while she watched Jonesy get excited about seagulls.  
We cleaned up then headed back to San Jose with a stop off at the store and the goodwill.  It was a good trip to the beach although I would like to take the kids to a warmer beach or perhaps to the UP soon I think they might enjoy that.  

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thea said...

You got some great pictures and Thea seems happy in most of them. Way to go!