16 - Play date 2 - Ahhh Museum

We have probably had several other play dates I forgot about but let's consider this play date 2.  At the museum (getting as much use as possible from our passes).  The boys are getting bigger now and more adventuresome.  They were running around more and trying more things.  Buttons, ball machine and sand being hit items.  
Jones loved the climbing structure this time and climbed up to the very top on his own and then back down (Ewan was less of a climber).  They were so cute exploring things.
Like 18 months ago we took them to the museum for the first time and they rode the chilulily wheel and so we recreated this.
Thea even got to play a little. She sat up for like 15 seconds before diving for this ball.
And then we said goodbye in the parking lot. Jones waited until we walked away and said "thanks for museum Ewanie". And holly gave me a photo of the boys for the wall.  It's so fun to have a friend with a kid the exact same age as my kid.  

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thea said...

it's great to have kids the same age, isn't it. buddies from the beginning.