#100yeses - Update

I should be wrapping up the #100yeses project but I lost track of yeses.  I also got frustrated and we spent a bunch of days working thru things.  And having a two year old (plus baby) hello soooooo hard, some days just getting shoes on is a challenge - no joke.
But I am going to start again renewed today and try and finish out the days.
Here are a few of the "more recent" yeses as well:
55. Yes to babies in pools.
54. Yes to mini books.
53. Yes to a bolt of batting.
52. Yes to patriotic babies and rides around the neighborhood in the wagon.
51. Yes to white trash parties.
50. Yes to birthday lists.
49. Yes to after party photo props.
48. Yes to finishing out soccer with doing the cones.
47. Yes to splashing baby pools.
46. Yes to balloons, swimming cupcakes party.
45. Yes to splash parks with no fear.
Be here.

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