100 Days Project

You might recall last year I did the 100days project.  My project was saying "Yes". Which seems simple however when you have two tiny people and work full time sometimes yes is harder than it seems I think I got to 94 yeses - you can find them with hashtag 100yeses on instagram.  

This year I want to bring back this project and I haven't quite figured out what this is exactly yet?  
 + Do I incorporate my daily cartoons which I haven't done one since March 8?  
 + Do I do a quilting project? 
 + What about something with the kids?
 + Or art journaling? 
 + Or writing down stories from my kids? 
 So many questions how will I narrow it down??
I am pretty sure I need a project vague enough that I do it but specific enough that I want to finish all 100 days.  
April 4th is coming time to figure it out. 

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thea said...

Sounds like a good idea. I've been thinking about writing something I'm thankful for every night before I go to bed. Maybe I should do that for 100 days....