11 Days Before Christmas

11 Days Before Christmas my true love - Jay and I went downtown last walked around and saw the Christmas Lights. I so need to learn to use my camera at night only a handful of the photos came out okay.

Today I start baking Christmas Cookies! What fun that will be.


Arunav said...

i hope the writer of this blog does not mind if i post a comment...(in case u do my appologies..)
i really liked the way u have described the whole sort of to do process for this occasion...
i guess its the time of the year when u need to be with the people u love..a time where once u reach out to ur folks whom u have been away from ....though i m not a christian by religion....i m a Hindu i still believe in the sanctity in rituals of christmas that people every where around the world follow ......its a time when i guess u could make peace with God!!

rmeyfe said...

If you figure out how to take good pictures of the lights at night -- you must give me a class!! :)

Great tags!!