6, 5, 4,

days before Christmas. I'm so behind making gifts it's not funny however I did mail those I was mailing on Tuesday, and I had almost everything ready for my friends I've seen in the last few days, and I took a break to knock out a few tags.

6 Days - went out to lunch on work. We got steak. Yummy. I put the camera on the back of someone's car to take this photo. Please note we are even wearing work gear I have my hoodie on and Jill's sporting her fleece. Thanks for this yummy ribbon Jen I love it!
5 Days - I also had lunch with Kelly and Sara and dinner with Lynley and yet I only took this one photo of the nativity on the circle on my way home from supper. Clearly I was having too much fun, or too busy making lists of do's in my head.4 Days - This photo cracks me up. Lorianne looks scared, Debbie's toasting the camera, little Nick is checking out my hat or something. Hehe too funny.
Well enough of a break I really should get back to making some holiday gifts as the big date is rapidly approaching, and there's so little time left.

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rmeyfe said...

I am so behind on my tags!! Glad that you liked the ribbon!!