Tuesday 10 - 10 Things I got for Christmas

Hope everyone had a very merry christmas. Jay and I sure did. So here's today's Tuesday 10 which is about Christmas.

  1. Yarn and knitting needles from G&G - What fun. I can't wait to make something. I ordered a few knitting books from the library so I can try a new knitting stitch.
  2. Hobby Lobby Gift Card from Joe - I was shocked it wasn't from Walmart since that's where Joe is working these days but never mind that as I like Hobby Lobby Better.
  3. A whole bunch of scrapping loot from Debbie, Lorianne and Betsy including an Archivers Gift Card - Thanks Debbie.
  4. New silverware from Lita - I really really needed forks I think the dishwasher has been eating them - Lita must have known.
  5. Some new VHS tapes from Jay. I've been taping over on the same two for like 3 years they've seen better days.
  6. Several conversations with my dad.
  7. The coolest slipper shoes from my mom. They are great.
  8. New brakes for the car from Jay's Dad - Isn't that a great gift. My favorite kind practical and sensible.
  9. The funnest Christmas Ornament from Lynley - she made it. I think I rubbed off on her as she was doing semi-homemade Christmas this year.
  10. Snow - Santa must have gotten my letter. Too bad it melted away so quick.
Sorry if I didn't mention your gift as I loved them all but the list stops at 10.

And here's two more of the tags. I need to finish the other one but I'm procrastinating a bit and working on thank you cards.


chanel said...

sounds like a cool christmas

chanel said...

thanks for stopping by my blog, cool to meet new friends all over the world via the internet! enjoy your new year!