Scenes from a grocery store...

Jay: puts some chicken in the cart.
Me: oh we are having chicken for dinner.
Jay: puts some ribeye steak in the cart.
Me: oh we're having steak.
Jay: puts some sirlion in the cart.
Me: "You planning on making some steak?"
Jay: "Perhaps" he says as he puts some bratwaust into the cart.
Me: look around the meat department getting bored.
Jay: "Ahhh! Ground Turkey sausage is on sale!" adding some to the card.
Me: "yay" secretly wondering when we are going to cook all this meat.
Jay: grabs some bacon and lunchmeat.
Me: "Do you think we have enough meat?" Who has started blogging this on my BB while waiting on him to finish meat shopping "What are we going to eat with all this meat?"
Jay: "I didn't get any hot dogs yet"
Me: "perhaps we need something other than ceral and carrots to go with the meat"
Jay: "I'm going to get cheese"
Me: "who doesn't love a fridge full of meat and cheese. Can we look at something else now? Or do we need more meat?"
Jay: "Yes let's get sorbet."
Me: "okay good" just glad to get out of the meat department. And seriously wondering if Jay plans to eat all his meat.
10 minutes later we check out and we have purchased 15 meat products, Life Ceral, Tide, Cheese 2 kinds, toothpaste, Carrots, Corn on the Cob, bread, corn dogs, and orange sorbet. I think when I'm gone this next week Jay is planning to start the atkins diet. lol


Jodie said...

The Cattleman's Association thanks you!

Laura said...

Ass Homer S would say MMMMM meat! and then a healthy loud burrrp!

Anonymous said...

LOL! At least he got an assortment of meat!


rmeyfe said...

MMMMMMM there's nothing like bacon and toothpaste in the morning!!! LOL!!

Jeanne said...

OMG!! You are too funny!!