Weekly 4 - Fun Handmade Books

All week long I've been trying to think of what 4 things I would post on my blog. Of course I pretty much had nothing except I wanted to share pictures of something. Well then I was looking at something on esty and I discovered #1 below and it reminded me of #2-4 that
I had bookmarked way back when - so now I'm making my very own random paper book I even found some fun supplies for it at goodwill today :D, without further ado I will quit rambling and get on with the list...

1. Jamcia Edgell's Book - she sells them on esty click link to see more.

2. Emily Falconbridge's Book - read more about it here.

3. Ambers - see more here.

4. Jen Renee's - see more of it here.
I can't wait to work on mine although first I am planning to clean off my table.

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