Back to Boston!

Well I'm back in Boston. I had a most fabulous time in Minneapolis/Stillwater - Betsy and Shell are super great hostesses thanks for having us out. I am having a heck of a time uploading photos to my I'm running out of space (yikes). But I did get a few up before the error messages I will try again tomorrow.
I took a whole series of these and doesn't mimi look nice and cute and karen and I are goofs?
again shell and her cuteness and Karen and I being silly.
Betsy got into the silliness but she looks slightly scared.
Minneapolis light rail. I totally want Indy to get one. It's super nice.
Betsy's daughter Cassie who is super well-behaved and easy going. And her other one Katie who looks and dresses like a doll (she even acts like one too).
Trees in Minnesota reminds me of Michigan only shorter.
Stillwater downtown.

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