Tuesday morning avoiding the traffic ramblings

Okay so instead of blogging I should be fighting the traffic on 93 but I'm not feeling it yet. Ha! It's going to be a supa fun week here, in spite of being in a marriott hotel that you can hear your neighbors every move and the wifi connection sucks. My dad is in New England working so we are going to get together for supper, my friend Ed is in Hartford so we are also going to get together and if you know Ed you know he's supa fun! And if I'm lucky I might get to see my friend Gregg too. My blackberry phone (or raspberry as jay calls it) was delivered in Indiana yesterday after 8 weeks of weird approval processing and whatnot so hopefully we'll have less dropped calls and better service (sorry mom it's AT&T not verizon). Oh and to top it all off I won $5 in the lotto (Kim perhaps that wasn't exactly what the helicopter dream was).
Good times. more soon.


Karen C said...

Oh, cool, so you are on AT&T now? Do you have the member to member calling free, cuz I'm on AT&T also.

Kim said...

Yay for AT&T...we can talk for free now! I know, we chat for free every day, but now I can hear your voice whenever I need to! LOL I hope you re-invested that $5 and you win even more this time!