Another week down.  I got to be home this week which was needed and it was good. 
Monday - The IMQG leadership team met.  Baby porter joined us.
Tuesday - red beard and his ladies won 2nd place at Trivia night.
Wednesday - was Dustin and I went out to celebrate and hit the batting cages and got ice cream.
Thursday - I spent some time snuggling with my husband
Friday - I worked on projects like adding Dustin's family to the photo wall.  Which is actually #12 on my list and its finished.  
Saturday - big date night at Bynums steakhouse (this was a place Dustin had been wanting to go)
Sunday - Dustin took 2nd place twice in an ugly tie and awesome beard contest at church.  I hope someone got better pictures of his WWJD tie it's pretty awesome.

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