To Nashville to Nashville to race a Boat oh wait it's Knoxville!

Dustin and I took a road trip this weekend to Nashville scratch that Knoxville to participate in Dragon Boat fundraiser for Knoxville Area Rescue Ministries. (I thought the entire time we were going to Nashville but it was Knoxville!  Doh!)  We raised money for their ministries, along with some of our friends at wheeler mission and drove down.  After our long drive with some traffic in Louisville but we made it to Knoxville.   Friday we had a practice session where our boat full of rookies realized its harder than it looks to paddle in sync.  Basically a dragon boat is a long skinny crew or canoe like boat, it seats 22, 20 paddlers, a drummer and a steersman.  You are ridiculously close to the person in front of you so you absolutely must paddle with the person in front of you or you go no where fast.  Our team was pretty evenly balanced size wise with the center of the boat filled with big burly men to row with strong pulls.  Practice was a mess and both Dustin and I were drenched afterward.
Saturday was the big race with 62 teams.  Bethany got us ridiculous dragon hats that were a huge hit, and had our drummer wear a childsize dragon costume.  We did pretty well although I had issues paddling our team got two respectable times, and finished 22.  I also got to take a swim in the lake so it was a win win.  We stayed with our friend Ty and his grandparents- we've missed Ty - and they were so accomdating.  It was a fun event all around.  WTG KARM on all the fundraising and a successful event we loved it!  
then on the drive home we stopped to see some "big things". Nothing like a pink elephant or roaring lion to complete a quick roadtrip.

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