A Summer List

Time for a summer list (2012 list here),  this is probably a little ambitious but I wanted to put together a list of things to do this summer.  I made the list with Kathleen during our regular breakfasts, and then I asked Dustin what he wanted to add too, so it's kind of a "group" list of summer activities.  It seems like summer is already here - I went to the pool with Amy the other day, but it was too cold for the water.
  • Paint Master Bedroom 
  • Finish the floors 
  • Dye my hair - Complete
  • Update My Blog Design - Complete
  • Take Dustin Whitewater rafting 
  • Cousin Paul's Wedding - Complete
  • Stay in a Hotel with a rooftop pool 
  • Visit Jones and Lo 
  • Make Kitchen Table 
  • Find a Regular Spot 
  • Make Crepes 
  • New Tires - Complete
  • Make popsicles 
  • Have a dance party BBQ 
  • Water Balloon Fight 
  • Be Spontaneous with Amy 
  • Pool a lot - Complete
  • Canoe trip - Complete
  • $5 Date Night 
  • Get ready for Chickens 
  • Statue of Liberty 
  • Kings Island 
  • More cookouts 
  • Baseball roadtrips - Complete
(Photo above from my trip to Tahoe last summer)

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