Last week my birthday week.  For my birthday I got to spend an entire week with my husband in New York.  We got to stay in a residence inn so we had a "kitchen lite". It did give us an idea of what it would be like to live here and I can't say that I liked it but it was about 95-100 degrees and humid all week.  It was nice to wake up next to him and hang out with my coworkers a little.  
Monday - mister in a circle chair
Tuesday - graffiti truck
Wednesday - we got caught in a torrential downpour dust's giant umbrella shielded him mine got me a bit wet.
Thursday - happy 4th of July we went to Coney Island it was crazy!
Friday - working with like 5 other employees
Saturday - we went to Smorgaborg in green point the view of the city was amazing but it was too hot
Sunday - even though it was ridiculous hot we got some doughnut plant. I tried blueberry pistachio is still my fav

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thea said...

some pretty cool pictures this week. love the circle/doughnut chair!