Round Robin Again

I spent like two weeks looking at this one.    The color pallet to me was just too much.  Too much muted tones.  Too much orange.   Too much variety.  Just too much.  Then when I finally decided to start it I have also NO fabric in these colors literally I found a 5x8 swatch of the orange and that grey blue hullabaloo.  Then I remembered this scrapbox I have from when I made people over mitts several years back.  And wouldn't you know someone's kitchen was like pale mint, cream and someone's else's browns and tans - BOOM!  
I thought seriously about starting a second center block but I it would have been much smaller than the original. So instead I scraped this together and surprisingly I don't hate it - the last border after the chocolate is my addition.  I like actually like it better with my addition.  I didn't have enough cream and none of that orangey red or I would have added a border of that too.  

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thea said...

you did a great job!