On Three

We got married 3 months ago today.
We feel like it was just yesterday.
We spend more time apart than together because of my job.
We enjoy the time we do spend together more because of our separation.
We take many dates.
We hug a lot. 
We dance when no one is looking. 
We took our time figuring out bank accounts and merging financials.
We hired a housekeeper because we both hate cleaning.
We have mini arguments.
We are church shopping.
We pray before every meal.
We love have people over.  
We are focusing on not being busy every second of every day.
We have had trying days.
We always get thru it.

Dustin -
I love the way our legs are entangled when I wake up next to you.
I look forward to hugs and smelling you every Thursday when I am flying home.
I feel confident sharing things, feelings and even doughnuts with you.
I love your strength and confidence.
I love when you pray.
I get just as discouraged as you when work calls you in when I am home.
I love you.
We are celebrating today just by being together in NYC.
Here's to many more three month anniversaries!


thea said...

Very sweet ..

Mandy Crandell said...

Love this. <3