On being 33

well I've been 33 for a good two weeks now so I figure I should write about getting older.
in reality 33 isn't that much different than 32 
and 32 not that much different from 31 
and 31 from 30
but somethings I have noticed about my 30's
important things are MORE important 
not important things are LESS important (except if it's dishes in the sink)
i do have a few wrinkles 
my hairs are even more rapidly going gray
and with those gray came a tangle of frizz
the calluses on my feet will always come back
my laundry doesn't do itself
family is important
friends are important
i need creativity time
i like breaks and downtime sometimes
i want to be unique
i don't know everything (or want to)
i like wearing dresses
i got married in my 30s (i never wanted to be married in my 20s)
i look forward to the future
i think that in my 20s i spent lots of time trying things and just to figure out how to live
and now in my 30s i spend my time actually living
there's always room for improvement and learning and whoever said if you weren't learning you weren't growing you were dying is probably right.



Anna said...

Happy Birthday +two weeks! YOU are learning a lot. I love to read your blog, and so glad that you and Dustin get to be together every day for almost a month. Love you!

thea said...

when I was 33 I thought I was so old, if only I had realized how young I actually was .. enjoy your 30s!!