The Highline

I saw a documentary on the highline several years back.  Then forgot about it. For over a year now I have been working in manhattan and I have been thinking I should go visit the highline.  Well for one reason or another I never went.  With my days in manhattan dwindling and the other Boros calling my name it was time. 
The highline for those of you who don't know was a rail line that brought freight thru manhattan from 1930 to like 1950.  It originally was built because 10th Ave was the "death ave". People were getting killed by trains running on the street level.  Thus the highline was built.  It was later abandoned leaving an elevated eye sore.  
But in the 80s someone had a genius idea to make it into a beautiful park.   Talk about massive repurposing.  
I loved the idea before I ever saw it.  I wish I had ideas and genius like that. 
Anyhow it runs from like 14th to 34th along 10th Ave.  and it's literally an elevated park on the rail tracks. It's beautiful and interesting and as a history lover I love the historical side too.  There are sculptures along it as we'll and viewing decks and lovely gardens. Anyhow I am sad I waited this long for a free spot this is one of my favorite NYC spots.

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Anna said...

I love the idea of a rail line sometime in the far future people will wonder what was a train track and they will see them and still wonder!