Ohio Cup

Last weekend we traveled to Columbus for the Ohio Cup.  Kathleen joined us as did a guy who plays basketball with Dustin who we dubbed "the stranger".  We watched our Indy Blues struggle the first day trying out different lineups and having players try different positions, Saturday.  But we cheered them along the way.  We are a loud cheering bunch and a few folks from Detroit recognized Kathleen and I.  The kids of the other players also enjoy us they are like an echo to our cheers and we fill them with sugar.  
Sunday the boys played better Sunday and won two of their three games and the one they lost they played hard.  Dustin had some big hits and big catches.   It was a good weekend of baseball even though they didn't win them all.  My friend Jen and her family got to come and little Weston with his big adorable blue eyes posed for this picture with Rooster, although he would not smile, but upon being released he ran the bases with the big kids with his baby ducklike run which is priceless - record it Jen. 
And on the way home we stopped at the worlds largest candle.  

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