We went to Octoberfest over the weekend.  Having previously been to Octoberfest Cincinnati I thought it might be a little larger with more to do and see.  
Sadly Indys Octoberfest was tiny little more than a handful of beer tents and food vendors,  just a few little shops.  And everything was so expensive!  There was some polka music though and a the worlds scariest Ferris wheel.  A Ferris wheel that was run by a drunk man that never seemed to end and was kind of rickety but we lived, it does join the South Dakota ferris for sketchiest ride. Anyhow it was a fun double date with Lynley and John. 


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thea said...

Better you than me on the ferris wheel. We're in the middle of the art & wine festival season out here. Haven't been to one in years. Maybe we'll hit one up this year.