Round Robin Last One

This is our last round of round robin.  I had Chris's.  Hers like mine started black and white only hers had a touch of red.  I was entirely unsure what to do for hers (as usual). I have been wanting to make some wonky stars and so I started out doing that.  Well lets just say I ended up making wonky 1/2 stars so I joined them into what looked like a wonky "pow" from a cartoon.  It was not what I intended but its due tomorrow.  She also wanted us to  add a sash between the strips so I had to piece one as the black was gone and I didn't have any in my stash.  
Next time I make wonky stars I think I will try much larger ones these were too small for me. This is our last round of round robin and I am kind of glad because I want to work on the eight other projects I have going.

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thea said...

Love the wonky stars! What a great quilt, especially that it wasn't round -- or didn't keep going around the outside.