Our Weekend in Northern California

For my cousins wedding we got to spend  the weekend in California among the palm trees and bright sunshine and my family.  Dustin and I were able to do some sightseeing since everyone was all wedding busy and he had not spent much time in Northern California.  
We visited the ocean one afternoon it was too icy for swimming even for me who often swims in the icy waters of Lake Superior.  But we walked along the beach and drove along route 1.  We encountered the sunset piano.  This was quit the find just randomly on the side of the road.  It still played and Dustin played me the only song he knows on the piano.      It was not something we could have planned but it was very cool.
We also took a trip to San Francisco for Dustin to see the bridge.  And the city.  We got up early to visit because we had flights in the afternoon.  We had brunch at some restaurant in the Castro - most places were packed but we managed to share a table with folks at the waffle or egg or whatever.  we also walked along part of the waterfront near the bay bridge.  It was ice cold up by the golden gate and foggy but lovely by the bay bridge all sunny and warm - San Francisco is funny like that.

It was a nice quick trip and as I mention Dust is ready to pack up and move already. But I am sure he will say the same about every place we visit (well except NYC we both agree on that).


thea said...

You forgot to mention the wonderful air mattress you got to sleep on .. and the small people who are even better than alarm clocks.

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Mandy Crandell said...

What a great trip! I'd love to find a random piano. :)