West Baden Springs

I have been wanting to go and stay at the West Baden Springs Resort for several years.  Well Dustin and I went this week but we didn't stay.  Instead he played baseball with the Blues in the front lawn.  He also played with the White River BBC and the Batesville Lumbermen.  Anyhow back to the resort - it was beautiful.  I found it hard hard to capture the amazing architecture and history within the place on camera (my lens wasn't wide enough). but I did still try.  
The Resort originally looked like this.  
It looks like a massive castle.  Those tiny trees are now huge.  It look like this today. 
There wee many "springs" and spas back in the day and many people vacationed here.  When the resort was restored it took almost as long to build it, probably due to lack of money. In the center of the building is this huge dome room.  Around it are the many hotel rooms each with a balcony looking in. 
In panoramic form, it looks less like circle and more swirl. 
The bathrooms also impressive with lovely hexagon tiles and the worlds best paper towels.

Anyhow next time I hope to stay at the resort and get to see guest rooms and the spa.  
Thanks to West Baden springs for having the tournament for the Blues to win and me to finally visit.  

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thea said...

I'm guessing the paper towels actually work and maybe you only needed one? I can't stand wimpy paper towels.