Holy cow almost thru this year.  It seems to have flown by.  Last week I was home all week because of a project delay.  It was pretty much glorious.  Although my photos were dreadful. 
Monday - I had the day off and I worked on a new quilt using scrap fabrics
Tuesday - this is the only photo I snapped.  But I ordered a duplicate of our photobooth photo from Lita's bday
Wednesday - making apple chips
Thursday - no photo taken (this is two I missed now.
Friday - Went to optical Popsicle with some friends.  It's like a interesting collection of skits
Saturday - the Veales stayed with us for the weekend in town for a wedding we got up early Saturday and had breakfast with them and other friends at the steer-in
Sunday - Kathleen and I went shopping and got Dustin this jones like puffy vest.  I think he likes it as its already been worn.

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thea said...

I recognize those fabric scraps ..