Book 25 - 1,000 Gifts

This book 1,000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp, popped up on my "recommended" list at the library ten times.  I also ignored it several times.  Then I picked it up. 
It's a quick read about finding gods grace/gifts in every day life. I found as I read it I made little notes and verses on things (see note I made on a file folder for work "seek god where you doubt he is").   Reading it led me also to reading my bible a little more frequently, not intense deep reading that's not really me.  But short passages.  
And as I finished it I too wanted to start a 1,000 things journal - I too want to find grace in the every day.   Grace in the all the time.  Being the creative I of course wanted to find or make the perfect journal.   Well my mom sent me a journal from a yard sale she went to in California (a while back actually) and I finally settled on that.  But all this week I carried it in my purse and today I made the first entry  - maybe I will not get to 1000 and maybe I will get to 10,000.  We'll see.
Another book down and in less than a week. Perhaps I will hit 30 not 26.  

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