Update on the 2013 List

I was thinking about my list the other day. It's amazing how time goes by and I forget the things I put on the list. I also tend to lose track of things I finished. So it's good to touch base and update the progress.  There are a handful that are pretty easy and I might do them soon.
I have actually finished 17 items on my list. That seems pretty respectable to me. Things finished: 
1. Get Married. 
3. Purge some things not worn or used in a year. 
 9. Goodbye party/dinner for Jono and LoLo. 
 12. Add Dustin's family to the Wall. 
13. Volunteer at _Dragon Boat________. 16. Install the master bedroom door. 
 18. Organize my headband collection 20. Pinterest project with Kathleen 
21. Bike ride 
23. Finish Jono's Quilt 
28. Birthday celebration for Dustin. 
 29. Celebrate Lita’s 21st. 
30. Have a PhotoBooth. - Wedding Photobooth. 
37. Drive In Movies. 
39. Go Swimming in a lake or the ocean. - Both Check
42. Take Kemi for a brownie and ice cream. 
43. Open time capsules with Kim and Jeanne. 

And I have started 7 other things too. I'm pretty hopeful I will finish about 5 of these. 
 4. Make 10 quilts - just 4 
6. Take 365 photos (yes I'm trying this again). - STARTED 
 11. 25 first dates (as a married couple). 22. Memory Jar - Started 
26. Project Life. - In Progress 
32. Continue working towards those 52 books. 
34. Drink water - In progress 

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