Tuesday 10 - the end of October

It's been a loooooong time since I have done one of these.  But it was Tuesday so I figured better late than never.  
1. Fall Air - seriously I feel like its so fresh and crisp outside, I want to drink the air in.
2. Extra weeks at home. (Sure they come at project delays but it's still home time.)
3.  This quote from Bible Verses. Okay so maybe I know of 5! 
4. The at home series at A Beautiful Mess,  www.abeautifulmess.com If you don't already read this blog this series is one of my favorites.  It's like little peeks into homes around the US.
5. Green grapes.
6. These afghans made by Momo and nanny p or aunt joe.  We often cuddle under them to watch a movie or when chatting with friends late at night.
7. Hearing that Jones and Lo have their own photo wall started with gW frames spray painted.
8. Having four weeks until family vacation.
9. Fried rice. I love this for breakfast.
10. Seeing Dustin as a giant Turkey.  I love that he wants to give back to wheeler and that he loves being an oversized turkey! More turkey events coming up too.

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