On six months

Today we have been married six months.  The time has flown by much faster than the first three.  
We traveled to NYC, Detriot, Columbus, Springfield, california, and West baden. 
We found we liked having the housekeeper.
We laughed.  
We cherished quiet moments at home.
We had many late night phone conversations. 
We spent five weeks together the longest duration we had since we were dating.
We fought a little. 
We pushed each others buttons.
We got new living room furniture.
We said goodbye to the old sofa (FYI I made a nice profit on it).
We went on double dates. 
We took Kathleen on many dates.  
We swam even when only I wanted to swim. 
We saw the golden gate and sunset piano together. 
We celebrated reserve championships.
We got new patio furniture. 
We got up early.
We stayed up late. 
We splurged on Black Market. 
We rode a Ferris wheel. 
We went on several sets of swings.
We started breaking bad together.
We set goals.
We forgot about the goals.
We fasted. 
We got sunburns.
We saw/played baseball. 
We had several house guests. 
We discovered we need a new roof. 
We played a lot of trivia. 
We learned we have a lot more to learn.  Here's to many more months. 
Dear Dustin -
This fall.  Lets work on house projects.  Saving money.  And trying to find a good balance of nothing and something on the weekends.  
Each week coming home is bittersweet.  Sweet because you are home "home is whenever I am with you" sappy but true.  Bitter because I know it only lasts until Sunday night or Monday.  So many times when we are separated I try to make not of things to tell you or share with you.  But this is only temporary.
Traveling this summer has been fun even though most of it has been for baseball.  Hopefully someday we can travel to the far edges of the earth together.
I find it hard to stay mad at you and I am eager to apologize when we argue.  Lets always make up.
Happy six months!
Love always.
PS. Don't buy that dog. 
PPS we also need to work on selfies!  That's to all the people who snapped photos for us.

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thea said...

I can't believe it's been six months already! and here's to many more months!