Christmas Gift for Dust

Dustin is universally hard to buy Christmas presents for because he refuses to just say what he wants except a $1200 gym in the garage.   So I got him a few gifts and made him one of the only gifts I'm making this year.  I got this idea when googling "beard gifts".  My initial thought was to order him some kind of straight razor kit but I couldn't find one I would buy without seeing physically, but then is saw these posters someone was selling for $20/poster so naturally I just made my own (sorry) - I can't pay $20 for an Unframed poster.  

Supplies needed:
Clip art
Card stock

1. I downloaded some beard clip art right in MS word.  I ungrouped the image to remove the portion I didn't want in my poster.  It's simply ungroup then delete while clicking the image.  I added glasses and recolored the beard red.  One one image I had to also add a extra piece to change a goatee to a beard. (Yes this originally started as a smiley face clip art).
2. I then picked an expression typed it in and manipulated the fonts until I liked it.  I used Blackoak Std and Rosewood Std regular both which came pre-installed.
3.  I centered the image below the text and printed it on a white card stock.  I debated using gray or brown but didn't like how it looked.

4.  I popped open the frames I bought which came with mattes.  I wish they were black not white but too late now.  I centered the print in the matte closed it back up and boom frames art for Dustin's man room.  (PS the color is not funky in the second one it just looks like it is in the photo.

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thea said...

What a great gift! You are so creative!