Somewhere in Middle America Family Vacation Roadtrip - Part 1

This years family vacation took us to middle America - Omaha to get specfic.  Jono and Lo now live there so we brought our trip to them.  On the route there we went and saw some big and ridiculous things because that's what we do.  Of course this makes a 10 hour drive 13.5 hours but whatever it's family vacation right.

We saw the giant Indian.  We were not impressed with his cheapy looking loincloth, but then realized it was necessary. (Someone stole his junk).
We stuck our faces in the wizard of Oz.  Dusty makes the best lion.
We sat in a jumbo chair.
We saw the giant Rooster.
Walked the yellow brick road.
Randomly discovered a giant cone.  Sadly they were closed.
Stopped at the worlds largest truck stop.
Saw the great and mighty Mississippi at sunset.  
Back soon with more family vacation adventures.

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Mandy Crandell said...

What an awesome trip!!! I'm glad someone gave the Indian a loincloth. :)