Freezer Paper Shirt

So I saw these tiny baby onesies made by PUP ( people for urban progress). And I thought they were adorable with Indiana on them and a little heart in Indy.  But then I saw the price tag and I could not make myself buy it.  Sorry PUP while I might pay $50 for an RCA Dome bag I will not pay $22 for a baby t-shirt.  I immediately knew I could make my own.   And who needs an excuse to craft???  Introducing how I make freezer paper shirts.

Shirts (in this case onesies)
Paint preferably fabric (I have also used acrylic and spray paint all seem to work)
Freezer paper

1. Cut a sheet of freezer paper about the same size as the front of you shirt (bigger is ok you just don't want to paint the wrong part of the shirt).
2. Draw a design on the matte side of the paper keep in mind the size.  I free handed mine.  Keep in mind that the negative space is what gets painted.
3. Cut out the inside of your design (where necessary label/save the pieces).
4. Place design on shirt and Iron on the freezer paper shiny side down.  Iron til it's good and stuck.
5. Insert a few sheets of newspaper between in the shirt to prevent bleeding.  Paint or spray paint the design.  Where needed apply variation of coloring or second coat.
6. Allow to dry a little - maybe 30 minutes.  Peel away the freezer paper while still wet.  I usually only leave the detailed portion attached until dry like the eyes or the heart.  In my head this prevents bleeding truly I do not know.
7. Allow to dry completely.
8. Wash and wear.
I made my own Indy Blues shirt this way and it's been washed many times and is still going strong.  
Here are a few other designs I made. PAC Man only variation was I painted black dots in the eyes when dry.
rooster I also added a little detailing like the eye and gradation in the paint to make this rooster like.
The only cost for the project was the onesies which were like $5.77 everything else was already in my craft room.

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thea said...

Very cool! I might even have to try something like this, some day.