Somewhere in Middle America Family Vacation - Part 3

A big part of our family vacation was Thanksgiving.  We had a big crew in a tiny apartment all week but we made it work it was like Michigan but with less beds.  We fixed a big meal for thanksgiving.  Traditional thanksgiving.
We all went shopping together as a big team.
Lo's mom taught her how to make turkey.  
Jono carved his first turkey with guidance from Dustin.  
Dustin saved my lumpy gravy.
Momo cooked my friends corn casserole recipe.
While the meal cooked we watched the macys day parade.
It was a feast for champions.
We even shared things we were thankful for.
After eating we went bowling and to play laser tag to burn some calories.
Then we came back to the apartment for a fun photo game.
Here's a group photo I think I must have just glanced at Jono.
And in this lovely one my eyes are closed - lol sometimes it happens.
And my personal favorite snap.  Dusty and his big turkey leg.
Family vacation 2013 ended with a really long drive.  
We tried not to stop much but with 5 people you just can't avoid stopping sometimes.
And in closing I am reminded about how awesome it is to be part of this family, I miss us being closer in distance but we still treasure the moments we do have.  And I look forward to next years trip to Florida for the Jono and LoLo wedding (even if I will be eight months pregnant).

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