The First Trimester

So we announced last week our big news.   But we have known for sometime about the baby.  I actually just finished the first trimester and I am into the second trimester now.  We were apprehensive about sharing it "worldwide" especially after we had many friends lose babies in the first trimester.  But Baby Burford is comes from good hearty baby making jeans so we felt like it was safe to share now.  I plan to document the baby much like I document other aspects of our lives but hopefully this doesn't over take my blog.  
Anyhow I wanted to share some of my experiences from the first trimester. I figured list form seems to be appropriate:
We found out at five weeks.
I took at least four tests to confirm it.
We actually weren't trying, but had just stopped birth control like the moment we conceived.
See baby making genes ;)
I wanted to make it special when I told Dustin.
I just blurted it out to him.
We weren't going to tell anyone until Thanksgiving.
Dustin couldn't keep a secret and told everyone.
I was much more intentional telling people.
I am the first one of my siblings to have kids
Technically aside from Dustin's step sister so is he. 
Hello excited grandma's, aunts and uncles.
My sense of smell is now on crack.
I have been mostly nauseous every third day but not much getting sick, which is good.
Tomatoes seem to cause heartburn which was a brand new experience for me.
HOLY COW am I sleepy.  
I seriously find I cannot get enough sleep.  
I don't know that the books, movies, and iPhone apps warn you enough about this.  
In addition to being sleepy I have found I cannot drink enough of anything.  
I am always thirsty.  
That in turn also ups the visits to the bathroom, especially in the middle of the night.
The first prenatal visit was seriously like 1 million tests.  
All negative except I didn't have a rubella vaccine or it didn't take to I am susceptible to rubella (which is a low risk).
As for cravings I have been craving donuts for weeks but have yet to eat any.
Most days I crave oranges, green beans, ice cream, and baked potatoes but not together.
Dustin likes to call himself "baby daddy" and me "baby momma".
Dustin decided we must be having twin boys because he thinks that would be ultimate.
I think it's more likely 1 girl.
I have only gained 1lb.
As I hit the second trimester my jeans instantly became tight and so now I leave the top button undone or wear leggings or a dress.
We decided on cloth diapers both for economical reasons and because it's better for the environment and baby.
We are very agreeable on names but still need a middle name for a girl.
Our baby is now about the size of a lemon although I would imagine it's much taller.

Oh and one more thing - 


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