#14on14 - August

Holy cow August is on the sneak attack.  I was just in June right?  Anyhow it's halfway done.  Yesterday was the 14th and I almost forgot about my photos but renembered around 2 when I broke for late lunch.  Regardless to say some photos are from the same event.  
1. Post pump 2.babyburf at lunch
3. Hanging diapers out 4. We have two tomatoes now (my tomato plant literally aren't interested in making fruit.
5. Goodbye card 6. Goodbye gift (our faces on a shirt)
7. #babyburf Armand daddy at the good bye dinner 8. Kemi and baby
9. Goodbye Selfie
10. Kathleen waiting on us since she already gave back her key. 11. Burrito baby 12. Almost smile. 13. Daddy and baby dozing at 8:30
14.  Devotion time. 

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