For the baby's first trip we took a short trip to Milwaukee over the weekend.  He actually traveled very well in the car sleeping probably 60-75% of the trip and cooing and looking around the rest of it.  He also slept good in the hotel.  

We took him downtown and to the riverwalk as well as to the state fair.  Dustin wasn't feeling good in the afternoon so he hung out with the baby and we went to the flea market and out to dinner.  We also took the baby swimming for the first time (he actually liked it). 

We were pleasantly surprised and now we are excited for our trip to DC although that involves a plane.  But we're hopeful he will be a rockstar. 

It was also our last trip with our friend Kathleen as she is heading to grad school next week.  :(

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thea said...

nice that he was so cooperative! when are you going to DC?