Book 39 - Eleanor and Park

I kept seeing Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell on people's books lists so let's consider this my ? For my summer reading.  I have started reading about 5 books I am not sure I care to finish (Love in the Time of Cholera, Heads in Beds, Crazy Love, and  I am #4).  But this book I found much easier to read.  
Growing up with a jerk stepfather it had some relatable content too.  It's also set in Omaha.  I liked how it was telling the same story from two points if view back and forth.  I really liked that.  The only thing I was not a fan of was that some of the writing seemed to sound like Napolean Dynamite.  
I do plan to finish Crazy Love if only because it's 3/4th done and it won't take long to finish but I started another book I like better already I can tell.

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thea said...

I feel like I have crazy love somewhere, but am not quite sure ... sounds like you're doing 10 million things at a time, as usual.