#babyburf 2 months

Dear Babyburf - 
You turned two months the other day.  I again took photos of you in the blue chair.  You were into it this time but kept moving around.  You don't look much bigger but I think you have bigger legs and belly now.  
Anyhow here's some notes on you at two months old.  
+ You are still small only 9 lbs 8 oz (2nd percentile).
+ Your head however is in the 86 percentile so we are guessing you'll catch up. 
+ You are very alert and often found looking at the fan, and the cutout of mommy and daddy's wedding. 
+ You drink 4 to 5 ounces of breastmilk at a time.  
+ Your clothes fit better.
+ You smile, giggle and coo.  
+ You recently started grabbing at things like your pacifier my shirt.
+ You comfort yourself by grabbing your right ear.
+ Your hair fell out mostly in the front and your eyebrows are looking reddish so you might end up ginger after all.
+ Your neck is getting very strong an you can hold your head up for prolonged periods of time. 
+ You also really like sitting upright even when you can't control your wobbly head.
+ You stand when we hold you up and seem to like this as well.
+ you like bathtime 
+ you took your first trip and went swimming for the first time.
+ Mommy loves to snuggle you on her lunch break from work.
+ Mommy is not a super fan of pumping or breastfeeding but a baby has to eat.
+ Mommy thinks you are pretty much magical all the time.
+ Mommy loves in the morning after your first breakfast how you want to "chat" and smile for a while before falling back to sleep.
+ Daddy often refers to you as his favorite toy.
+ He immediately wants To cuddle you after work and often takes naps with you on his chest.
+ He changes many poopy diapers like a champ and doesn't get mad when you pee when he changes you.
+ Daddy still sings you silly songs when he's around you.
+ He wakes you up in the morning before work and you get him back by pooing on him (good job son ;)
+ Daddy wishes his daddy could have met you, he tells me grandpa would have liked you.

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