#babyburf baby book part 2

So finally I got some spare time to work on the baby book.  I am really loving how easy it is with the snap album and using my existing supplies.  These came together in a snap.   I need to get to the stationary store to get the right kind of envelopes to include his birth story and the letters I wrote him.  Most of the patterned paper is project life cards or scraps.   As I did these I noticed how much he has changed.  His face was so puffy when he was first born.  And he was seemed more chunky.  
 I saved mine and his brackets from the hospital and added them on this spread. I loved how that you are here card worked perfectly even though it was meant more for travel. 
I also saved the card from his hospital bassinet which was exactly the size of the sleeve so in it went.  They kept adding stickers to his card after he got shots, tests etc and they matched his book so I kept them.  
I took some 0 month/newborn photos of his and printed a few favorites for his book.  I added some of the words via an iPhone app and printed that on the photos. 
These really fell together so fast I need to print up some more for some other pages. 

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Looks wonderful.
Pam V