Book 38 - Bridget Jones's Diary - Mad About the Boy

So yes I thought I was going to read like 6 books while on leave.  Hah!  That's laughable.  I did read 3/4 of one and 1/12 of another.  But it seems feeding an infant just makes reading difficult.  Especially when I feed and pump simulataneously.  But alas now that I am back to work I am already finished with one.  Book 38 is "Bridget Jones's Diary Mad about the Boy" by Helen Fielding.  I love the first to movies so I gave this a go. I rather liked it even though I sometimes want to smack Bridget.  It was humorous and I like how it's written from a diary perspective.  Maybe now I will finish off Crazy Love to make it two books this summer.  

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