it's beginning to look like Christmas

In addition to the advent calendar we have been decking the halls and getting ready for Christmas around here.   It's soooo much fun with a baby that sort of gets what's happening.
We made a gingerbread house.  Jones sort of got it he kept wanting to take candies off and lick the icing off.  So about 1/2 the candy that went on came back off.  But he is very excited about his house and will point it out to me.
We decided not to get a live tree for fear Jones will knock it over and spill the water on the floor.  He's very into climbing right now so climbing our Christmas tree isn't something we want to add.  I thought we had a 8 ft fake tree in the garage from the days when I put up fake trees - apparently at some point we got rid of it the box was completely empty.  But we found a random prelit 4 foot tree I have never seen before so thanks to the roommate that left this behind.  We put it up together over two days.  Jones ate every bit of it up.  He loved getting the boxes out, helping dad fluff the tree, putting on ornaments, the lights, adding the star.  He is very interested in the tree and has been taking off ornaments and pointing at it and showing it to visitors.  He also loves the giant ball we hang on the fan.

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thea said...

looks like Christmas! sounds like you're having fun too!