17 Months

Again I was a little late taking these.  I've been picking Jones up from school and there's like 10 minutes of daylight left so it's hard to find a good wall in time.  I went with his school on a field trip so after yesterday's long nap I took him out to find a wall.  It was snowing but stopped before we took the photos.  This wall is in Fountain Square behind the Super Value thrift shop.  Anyhow a few things about month 17.
Dear Jonesy -
This month you weigh 26lbs.  
You discovered candy pretty much and now we are on the struggle bus to not let you see it at the store or anyplace because it makes you crazy.
You also love dipping sauces from soy sauce, to ketchup, to cheese you want to have dipping sauce whenever possible.
Your vocabulary has expanded dramatically I can hardly keep up with my list on the fridge but you are connecting words together and I find I can understand your jibber jabber.
Phrases you say "Bobbie at Home", "beed in the potty", "where's spot", "more wa", "more pehza", "more beans".  
We continue to work on potty training it you are scared to sit on many public toilets.
You often understand things I tell you like "we're going to the store", or "that's trash".  
It's great to be able to communicate with you more.
We started implementing timeouts when you do something you are not supposed to.  Not yet sure how successful this is.
Mommy likes watching you play pretend kitchen with bowls and spoons.
Mommy loves how you nuzzle your head in my neck and rub your hair on me when you are sleepy.
Mommy thinks it's so adorable how when you are in trouble you try to give me a kiss to make it better.  This is NOT good behavior.
Mommy likes playing cars or blocks with you.
Mommy thinks your more magical as your get older.
Daddy likes when you fall asleep on him.  
Daddy throws you up high in the air and you giggle so much.
Daddy loves the little sounds you make learn playing, eating and drinking.
Daddy likes catching you when you jump to him.
We are so excited to see what's next mister.
Lots of love, mommy

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