Oh Santa

We had a practice run with Santa a few weeks ago.  We were at the Children's Museum with school and we visited the Jolly Days and there was NO line for Santa so we tried.  Jones watched him and they gave him jingle bells and he danced with them near Santa.  But he was skeptical. Immediately upon me dropping him on Santas lap jones was crying and screaming.  Obviously this makes we glad we didn't try first with the $30 mall Santa.  
We gave Jones a coupon in his advent calendar to go see Santa.  And we decided to go to the tree farm as they had a good Santa last year and the staff was very nice and line was null.  It was a good call.  The weather is extra warm right now so we even got to see and feed the animals.  I forgot to buy jones a Christmas outfit so he just wore overalls and a red shirt.
Basically immediately upon being put on Santas lap he wanted to be taken off.  But he didn't cry.  He refused to look at the camera.  But we'll take it.  Afterward he naturally wanted to point and look at Santa - go figure.
But he was fearless with the animals.  Even the pig that bit Daddy (the pig he called "moo").  He also liked watching the tractor take people to "the woods" to cut cut down their trees - next year when he can be trusted we'll get a real tree again.
We do want to give a shout out to Piney Acres Farm in Forteville.   The staff was excellent and it was a good time even without getting a tree.  We may return for pumpkins next year too.

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