Craft Project 3 - one hour basket

I swear I have done many craft projects this but somehow this is 3???  Anyhow in efforts to stick within our budget for Christmas I need to make some gifts.  I started these as a gift for jones's teachers at school.  I was thinking I could fill it with other handmade items like cookies, Carmel corn, ornaments by jones etc.  
I followed the pattern available for free on Craftsy.  It was a terrible mess!  Took me two hours I had to do seam ripping and I didn't use interfacing so it's floppy.  My next attempt I subbed in leftover batting for interfacing and didn't follow the directions instead I just did what I remembered working.  This second one is much better.  And it took like 45 minutes.  I need to make one more but I am now out of this leftover houndstooth and trying to decide if I cut into my fancy Japanese fabric or use some other duck cloth I have on hand that is a directional print???  Agh decisions.

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quiltytherapy said...

Good note on using interfacing instead of batting. I would have probably opted for batting too. These are on my to do list.