November Recap/December Hello

I set 5 little goals for November.  Sadly I didn't finish them.  But I feel pretty accomplished regardless.  
1. Blog Daily - I blogged 22 times not to shabby.
2. Make advent Calendar - finished I still need a few things to fill it then I will photograph later tonight. 
3. Childless date - done.
4. Random packages
5. Make pop tarts

Since I seemed to have some success with these things I felt like I need some December Goals too:
1. Make those pop tarts
2. Christmas craft with Jones
3. Work on Baby Thea's room
4. Send Christmas cards
5. Christmas activity with girl friends & silly Christmas Buns
6. Doughnut date
7. Add to my 1,000 gifts list.  
I am stopping at 7 although I easily wanted to add another 77!  Lol.

1 comment:

thea said...

goals are always good .. and even if you don't meet all of them, it's a good thing to have them.