Bathroom Remodel Before

So last year we had several major construction projects new roof, new drywall, new guest room ceiling, finished hardwoods.  And while we were at it we had the contractor redo our main bathroom.  
This poor room was in despite need of some love.  The floors were straight from the 1990 lowes vinyl that I think every house had at one point.  the drywall had never been primed and when the wallpaper was removed it also removed the drywall - hello bumpy walls. The sink and vanity were ugly wood that was warped at the bottom.  And while I couldn't spend $5k and get a new tub we did basically everything else and for roughly about $1k too.
Anyhow I wanted to share a few snaps from before because well next week I am going to share afters (I just need to hang the frames and get the cleaning lady to polish it up nice).
Oh yes I forgot to mention the towel bars were gradually "falling down". And the toliet paper holder bit the big one like 5 years ago.  Oh and look there that toliet is two tone.
Isn't that vanity sexy?
I sanded and taped off that door in 2004 (obviously I got it painted).
And here is my husband who just yanked out the vanity about to rip out toliet and all the drywall but first a selfie.
Just an FYI one of things we did to save money while having a contractor complete the work was we did all the demo work. So we stripped the walls down to the studs and removed the vinyl and the sexy asbestos tile under it.  It probably saved us about $400.  I also saved money using lowes coupons, Menards rebates and buying tile that was the end of the lot. 

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