Tuesday 10 - oh January

I am bringing back this old standby, since I have not been blogging regularly even though I still write posts in my head. My Tuesday 10 a list of 10 things I am loving on right now Tuesday January 27.
1.  Guerrilla Art Projects with friends follow us @leftforyou on Twitter and Instagram.  
2.  New baby tricks like pulling up into standing 
3.  Baby play dates (Date 1 of 2015)
4. Grown up date night.  I am guessing Dustin is glad it wasn't also "chore" date night 

5. This Quote screen shotted from @alliepal
6. This selfie fur trimmed coat for win.

7.  Remembering times like this when looking for photos of Schreve and I (note most photos also include Jono +\- a bottle glass or pitcher.
8. Babies in stripes oh heck just this baby.

9.  This verse a powerful reminder.
10. Lifesavers are the new gum 

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