Bathroom Remodel During

When I first started working with our contractor on this project I am sure I drove him crazy pants.  I might have sent him and Dustin this picture and asked them to pick a white.  And then I came home taped these paint chips to the wall and asked them both several times again which of these lovelies?   Meaning of course the whites at the top.  
And then when Ryan (our GC) was like did you pick a white yet Katie we're painting tomorrow?  I in a panic went to lowes without any paint chips and just bought a color called Hertitage White.  Does it ultimately make a difference?  Not really but it did brighten up the room like a 1000x.
I also must have exchanged 100 texts with them about the tile.  I really really wanted penny tile.  It's so pretty and trendy.  And the room is tiny so it wouldn't be terrible to install.  Dustin was like yes yes.  Sadly even with only needing 40sq feet the penny tile was going to cost me about $300 without grout tile board etc and I was going to have to order it which would take about 4 weeks.  With my bathroom already out of commission waiting 4 weeks wasn't in the cards.  But look at the amazing potential...
I think the contractor secretly rejoiced when I went another route too.  But once I finally made a decision then I needed to pick a grout color.  I think he had the tile about 3/4 laid before I decided on grout.
And then there was the new vanity which proved to be the most annoying of my purchases.  I really wanted a vanity that was taller.  That had a bigger sink and that was not just boring orange oak (this is what all the cabinetry in te bungalow was).  We'll once I made the decision Ryan picked it up and tried to install it only to discover that the drawer was bumping into the plumbing.  This was going to cost more than the vanity to move the pipe.  So back that one went.  Then we got another one which was defective back it went only to discover no more in stock and finally I ended up with like my 6th choice because it fit in the space and it's virtually the old vanity with a new top, different stain and like 1 extra inch.  Whomp whomp!  People when building  bathrooms think about where those stupid pipes are especially in relation to the bath tub and toliet.  Seriously though I never want to look at vanities again unless it doesn't matter where those pipes are.
In order to save a little money I repurposed the mirror for the bathroom which wasn't horrible just needed some updating.  I again was on the struggle bus with paint colors. I finally found a winner.  But painting in fridgid temps don't help the paint dry.  
Oh and just to record it originally my floors looked like this. Ack. I almost wanted to preserve them.  

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